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Hello Gorgeous!
Quick post this week, I’ve been trying to learn to use my iPhone and iPad for video — two reasons:

  • Communicate with You, Visually, about what goes on around here 😉
  • Communicate and establish a long distance relationship with my grand-daughters!

I’ve made a few “nature” snippets, whilst playing around with the iPhone on weekend holidays…
you can find those posted on Instagram (@inSweetLight — come visit me!) if you want to enjoy 15 seconds of inspiration: waves or bells and flags in the wind or a mountain stream.  I try to make the learning fun, you know.

Then, I found this “timelapse” setting on the iPhone and really started to have some fun in the studio…
now, I’m inspired to learn to how to add music — ’cause what wouldn’t make this time-laps of an Actors Headshot session even more fun than some old-timey silent-movie fast-action piano music playing along!   I’ve also learned to post on YouTube — oh, boy, this should be interesting!

What a fun and fast session that was, eh?!

Michael came around looking for an updated head-shot, we came away with more than a few great captures…
here are the winning selections.  I think the favorite is the second one — can’t help but love a big, authentic grin.


web-mark_Michael-Matamoros_Actor-Head-Shot-Photography_by_Sweet-Light-Studios_20150820_SHE2388-Edit web-mark_Michael-Matamoros_Actor-Head-Shot-Photography_by_Sweet-Light-Studios_20150820_SHE2431-Edit
I am soooo lucky and blessed to be able to do what I love and have fun at it too…
wishing the same for you!

If you don’t love your work, how you gonna’ love your life — I believe that the work you do allows you to do what you love when you are not working, so what’s not to love?  Give it your all and make every day a Sweet Day!

See you soon!


Schedule a actors head-shot session of your own at Sweet Light Studios and See Yourself in a New Light!
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